Brexit is really about UK’s troubled relationship with Ireland, and provides a case study of how the well prepared David defeats Goliath

Excellent article by Chris Cook.

The Irish problem was raised in the 2016 Referendum, but was dismissed as being irrelevant. However, the last three years has proven that this ‘side issue’ proved to be the main risk to delivering Brexit.

The lessons are those learned in many other situations, one cannot simply dismiss what might be described as an inconvenient fact. The problem will come back and bite later.

What we see now is that the Irish problem is not only derailing Brexit, it has left the UK without effective government for 3 years, and it’s destroying the Tory party.

The lesson is clear – the small player (Ireland) that is well prepared and able to leverage support for a solid network (other 26 EU countries) is able to ‘beat’ the big player (UK).

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