Hendy review to look at feasibility of Scotland to Northern Ireland bridge

So Network Rail’s chair Sir Peter Hendy has been asked by UK Government to have a fresh look at the Scotland to Northern Ireland bridge. One might see this as another distraction – did we not see something similar with the Estuary Airport and the so-called Garden Bridge in London, both promoted by the Prime Minister.

Is there not better ways of creating regeneration and economic growth than sending £billions on a bridge? It carried a £20bn price tag last year, and guess applying standard optimism bias this might easily be £40-£50bn and counting.

To me the idea seems to show a lack of creative thinking. Improved land connectivity is important, but at what cost? And one should not forget that the government is currently engaged in reducing the UK’s connectivity to a whole continent. So is connectivity actually valued that highly!

I suspect the only winners here are transport consultants…but guess they also need to survive…and, of course, I would love to work on this study as it is rather fascinating (smile).


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