UK alternative to Galileo satnav system fails to clear the launch pad

The UK government has finally decided to abandon its plan to build and deploy its own satellite system as an alternative to Galileo. However, the UK will continue to study “…more innovative ideas of delivering global satnav and secure satellite services…” without specifying what these might be. However, it is difficult to see how the UK can meet dual requirements of “…a robust and secure satellite navigation system…” and value for money.
Guess on can assume this vanity project will take a few more turns in the form of studies and £mn wasted. Thereafter, the time will be right for the UK to ask the EU / Galileo about rejoining. Norway providing a reference model.
Anyway, I find this interesting as it is a real time case study of “reinventing the wheel”, showing how governments are keeping consultants busy, delivering nothing of real value.

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