Airport ownership consolidation with VINCI acquiring 50.01% shareholding in London Gatwick Airport

GIP has divested of it’s majority holding as VINCI, the French airport group, acquires 50.01% of shares. GIP (Global Infrastructure Partners) retain 49.99% of shares. For VINCI this represents a consolidation of its market positioning, and provides scale benefits in a market with growing demand for air travel.

British Steel seeks government loan as Brexit uncertainty makes trading conditions challenging

Brexit uncertainty create challenging trading conditions, leading to fall in orders. No sign that this will be addressed any time soon.

Handa to close Swindon plant, may or may not be Brexit related, but difficult to see how jobs will be replaced with Brexit

What is really important is that due to Brexit under, jobs are not easy to replace…and of course, workers cannot just move to another EU country as FoM is gone…without serious investments and political focus, Brexit is without any doubt creating longer term problems in the UK economy and labour market.

Surprised! – Data for England and Wales shows that private jails are more violent than public ones

Government figures for England and Wales raise serious questions over government’s privatisation model for prisons…data over a one year period shows that private prisons are 47% more violet than public prisons…should one be surprised about that?

Consultants to optimise KL – Singapore high speed rail project

Project was put on hold in September 2018, but now looking for technical and commercial consultants to work on cost reduction.

Wonder if the same consultants could help in the UK, with the HS2 project costs most likely kept low in order to keep the scheme viable.

The Irish airport regulator, CAR, is at odds with DAA on the proposed charge determination for 2020-24

The charge proposed by CAR is between 17pc and 25pc lower than the DAA had sought, representing a significant efficiency target. DAA claims this will jeopardise its long-term investment plans.

Global air freight is falling in a sign of economic strain

Freight volume indicators show that global air freight volumes are falling at some of the fastest rates since the end of the great recession…air freight volume is a strong leading indicator, showing that recessionary forces are building in the world economy.

10 Myths About Data Centres

10 commons myths about data centres explained – quick catch up for those that don’t know much about the subject…

The Bertelsmann study also estimates losses resulting from Brexit, on a per country basis…making it clear how significant losses are to the UK

The study’s analysis shows that Brexit losses “…make up a small portion relative to the gains in incomes from the SM for most countries – while the UK is an important trading partner, it is clearly not the only significant one for most countries.

It is also observed that “…a decline in income gains from the SM is also associated with a decline in Brexit losses – this pattern is consistent with the idea that both Brexit losses and SM gains are sensitive to trade relationships and openness.

Study findings highlight the fundamental gap between the political discussion in the UK, and the economic reality that awaiting the country with the hard Brexit that many still want.


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