Rail Delivery Group, the British rail industry lobby group, calls for ending franchising for commuter networks

The Rail Delivery Group calls in their submission to the Williams Rail Review for radical changes the way UK rail is operated. Criticism is levelled against incentive mechanism, overly focused short-termism, the Department for Transport being unable to act as an integrator, of course, the overly complex fares system. Lots of material for the Review to consider, including the establishment of an Independent Body to provide oversight, i.e. going back to something akin to the Strategic Rail Authority which was abolished under the Labour Government.

Hightlights that ex-post privatisation model for British rail has very been clear, constantly changing. Is privatisation of a complex rail system really been such a great idea, if it is proving so difficult to manage.


Brexit has trapped UK in no man’s land with Britain’s economy is trapped in “no man’s land” by Brexit and the next decade could be the weakest for growth since WWII

Interesting facts and comments on the UK economy, leading the following assessment:

“The UK economy will be limping on for a while, until Brexit negotiations are fully resolved. I can see the UK being in this limbo-land for quite a while – certainly until the late 2020s.”


All the King’s Consultants – The Perils of Advising Authoritarians

Calvert W Jones has written an interesting article in Foreign Affairs about consulting in authoritarian countries – and although focus in the Middle East – it applies to many other countries…and it is not just applicable for strategy consulting. The international development sector suffers from it too.

“Experts are generally willing to speak truth to power at this early point. But problems develop as decision-making advances and experts are asked to evaluate different potential courses of action. Over time, experts learn and then adapt to incentives, rooted in the authoritarian political context, to alter or limit their advice.”

Enjoy the read.


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Brexit – 2 years on

UK in a Changing Europe has published a good summary paper on Brexit – 2 years after the A50 process started. Across a broad range of topic areas, it sets out what happened, current status and what is likely to come.