Coronavirus Response Boris Johnson’s government keeps promising to “Get Brexit Done,” even as the deadly pandemic ravages the country.

“Yet, as several other nations tackle the pandemic in more effective ways, British exceptionalism has collided with reality. It was the government’s decision to listen to a small handful of British scientists, after all, that may have prevented the UK from ramping up its testing at a critical juncture in the pandemic.”

Has UK turned corner, and flatten curve when it comes to new Coronavirus cases?

Data shows that 3 of last 4 days, the count of new cases has been below the rolling 7-day average. This is first time during the crisis that is showing clear signs that growth in new cases are getting under control. This can be see in figure below.

The figure uses a standard control chart, with a 7-day moving average to track data. The approach is helpful as it illustrates how the daily data count fits within statistical control boundaries.