Britain regrets Brexit: European election results show a solid majority for Remain

The conclusion from the European Elections is fairly clear. There is no majority for Brexit. The result increases uncertainty in terms of the direction the U.K. takes. Will government push ahead?

Virgin Trains takes government to court over West Coast route

More trouble for the Government, and not for the first time with Virgin Trains. U.K. rail franchising is a troublesome business for Government. Based on past evidence, one may expect Virgin to come out well on this one.

Brexit No deal fear – CBI comes out strongly against risk of no deal

The CBI is getting becoming very concerned about the direction of Brexit. With recently political developments, a U.K. no-deal exit from the EU is more likely. The CBI – opposite the majority of the ruling Conservative Government- thinks it would put the future vision of an all-island economy in peril.

Comfort for all number crunchers – Even the Office for National Statistics gets it wrong sometimes…

Article says that Britain’s statistics agency miscalculated April inflation data published, understating the true rate of price growth, after using incorrect petrol and diesel prices.

Railcar economics are as complex as the movement of freight…in the US there are over 1.6mn rail freight cars, but more than 0.9mn are not in use on any given day…

Interesting article that highlights how complex the economics of rail freight is – and although margins are high and operations complex, it is clear that better scheduling – improving computer software – could lead to less redundancy.

More Brexit uncertainty – Theresa May shelves her Brexit Withdrawal bill…heading to ‘no deal’?

Britain faces more uncertainty over Brexit – the Withdrawal bill agreed with the EU is shelved. There is no direction, apart from the so-called no deal option now. This will not help busiensses and investors.

British Steel has been placed into compulsory liquidation, putting up to 25,000 jobs at risk

U.K. government has a serious problem on its hands but no time to address it as all attention is elsewhere.

State Aid rules may be an issue, but how can a government be the promoter of private market while thinking tax payers should bail out private companies?

However, one could also wonder if some people embraced the false promises Brexit offered when they should have listen to other voices?

The whole story shows a fundamental problem with PE investors and misaligned of incentives. Should more be done from a political perspective?

A bold shift, but how to fund it? Five takeaways from the EU’s rail digitalisation report

Report from the European Parliament states that embracing digitalisation could create a more competitive rail sector, there is a significant funding requirement.

ERTMS may be the solution, offering better services and protection. But cyber security is a new challenge that has arisen, not considered years ago when much of the ERTMS business case work was undertaken.

Digitalisation modifies the rail business model, but without funding support, users and wider supply chain will not benefit.

Impressive fact on British Steel – In the past 22 months, China has manufactured more steel than Britain has since the height of the Industrial Revolution in 1870…

Sky News has produced an interesting background article on British steel production…explaining why putting more money into the company may not represent good value for money.

British Steel on verge of administration…

Looks like British Steel may finally have to give up…wonder how much of this has been caused by political uncertainty, whatever one thinks of Brexit, it is unlikely to have helped…